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currently // fall 2017


Fall was a whirlwind of awesome – and of offseason, house renovations, travel, and catching up with family + friends. Winter’s looking like more of the same, but with more structured training again. 

Here’s what’s been up the past few months.

Volunteering + spectating at

IRONMAN Wisconsin + the Twin Cities Marathon weekend. There’s no place I’d rather be the second Sunday of September than in Madison for IMWI. All in all a fantastic weekend that included one loop of the bike course, coffee and catching up with my Coeur teammates at Colectivo, volunteering at run special needs bag drop bright and early race morning, and cheering all day on the course. 

Highlights of Twin Cities Marathon weekend included being bike lead for the 5k and 10k races with Johnny and cheering on Nick to a 10-mile PR. 

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kona 2017.

Being in Kona this year for the IRONMAN World Championship was all the emotions – from bittersweet + bummed to not be racing as I’d hoped to a little bit relieved to not be racing. But the most overwhelming emotion: incredible gratitude. I’m so…


7 for 2017.

And, with this post, week one of my month of writing is done. It’s getting easier every day as I let go of it being perfect and instead focus on getting it done – no easy task for someone who’s type A!  For the…


creating (another) a custom phone case (+ a giveaway!).

About a month ago, Nick upgraded his iPhone 4S to a 7 – finally. He also bought a couple cases, but has been eyeing my pretty palm tree case (good thing my phone’s a 6S, otherwise I’m pretty sure he’d swap his basic black case for mine!). …


race report // kona!

Where to start! It’s been a month(!) since Kona, so ample time for race reflection – both while sunning on Kauai’s incredible north shore and while back at home in the real world (of mittens and brushed running tights!). Overall, Kona didn’t disappoint. The concise race…


the week prior to kona.

Oh, that big humid hug when you step off the plane in Kona. There’s nothing quite like it. My skin loves it, my hair loves it, and I absolutely love it! I arrived in Kona a week prior to the race – for a…