6 favorite things in april 2019.


We’ve been lucky enough to visit both coasts this past month (west coast is still the best coast, duh), so April’s favorites center around a few things that help me sleep a little better in an unfamiliar place. They really helped, too, because during our New England tour (post coming soon!), I averaged nine hours of sleep a night, which is unheard of for me (it’s usually between 7.5-8 hours). Take a look, and happy sleeping! 

Lunya restore base tank

We spend most of our lives in bed sleeping so my philosophy: your bed – mattress, sheets, sleepwear – should be the best you can afford (because if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, how can you expect to be your best during the day?). I recently upgraded my lululemon cool racerback pajamas to this Lunya tank, and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. It’s breathable, meaning I don’t get nearly as hot while sleeping. It holds its shape, meaning it doesn’t twist around my torso all night. And it’s got just the right amount of compression. 

Lunya washable silk sleep mask

I’ve long been a fan of wearing a sleep mask – thanks to the Delta flight attendant who gave me one on a flight home from Hawaii a few years ago – and this one from Lunya is the best I’ve used. The silk is super soft, and the mask itself isn’t annoyingly tight. Bonus: you can sleep until 9a and not know it’s light outside. 

Marpac Rohm portable sound machine

White noise machines are life. I honestly don’t know how I slept without one (we use the regular Marpac at home). We couldn’t find the USB cord to charge it one night during our most recent trip, and I laid awake listening to all the sounds forever. Torture. Anyway, it has three sound options to drown out distractions: bright white, deep white and gentle surf. And it’s small enough (3.7 ounces) to toss in your luggage and take up zero room. 

Garmin Fenix 5S

To be fair, this watch doesn’t necessarily help me sleep. But since I bought it a couple months ago, it’s helped me track my sleep. And things you monitor and measure, you can improve. Just like tracking your training, right? I thought I was getting enough sleep, but then I started wearing this watch to bed and nope, not even close to enough. My shuteye has slowly increased the past couple months – all because I started focusing on and tracking it. (BTW, I love this watch for a bunch of other reasons, too, including HR tracking and likely the new period tracking launched yesterday. But if you get it, get the version with the sapphire crystal because the regular one has a glass face that scratches.)

Beautycounter No. 2 plumping facial oil 

Combine the longest winter ever and recycled airplane air, and you get super dry skin. But this No. 2 oil has been a total skin saver. I keep a mini bottle of it in my bag and dab a drop on the one pesky dry spot on my cheek a few times a day. And I combine a few drops with my rejuvenating moisturizer both morning and night. Not only is the jasmine oil a super hydrator, it also smells incredible. Bonus for anyone concerned with fine lines like I am: it has omega-rich argan oil in it, too. 

Nalgene water bottle 

I lug this 32-ounce Nalgene with me everywhere. It doesn’t necessarily help me sleep, but hydration is key to long travel days and basically life in general. It’s heavy and kinda annoying, but knowing how many ounces I drink is helpful. 

Note: this post isn’t sponsored in any way – I just genuinely love and use these products all the time. But full disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links, Skratch Labs is a Coeur Sports team sponsor, and I’m a Beautycounter consultant.

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