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week 2 positive: dinner + skinny skis.

Every Monday morning at a team stand-up, my colleagues each share a Monday positive – something good that happened over the weekend. Highlights range from beaming about kids’ accomplishments to seeing the latest Star Wars movie to nailing a tough rock climbing route.  

Here are my Monday positives – two happy weekend happenings:

1 – Nick surprised me with dinner at Spoon and Stable, one of Minneapolis’ top new restaurants. The bison tartare… omg. I could eat three servings of this, I’m not kidding. The dry-aged duck breast didn’t disappoint, either.

dinner at spoon and stable in minneapolis

2 – Our awesome friends Kelsey + Joe were visiting from Seattle. We hadn’t seen them since their wedding last summer, so we had a great time catching up – about their three-month European cycling honeymoon – and celebrating Kelsey’s 30th over beer at Bad Weather Brewing (grapefruit soda for me) + chocolate Butter cake (we broke our no sweets January for a tiny piece) and skate skiing at Hyland Park. It was a stunner of a Sunday to be on the skinny skis!

skate skiing at hyland park reserve in minneapolis

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