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nick ran 26.2!

I wish I could say this was my race in pictures because, honestly, running another marathon is no longer in the back of my mind. I’m toying with idea of signing up for a fall marathon (any suggestions?) provided my running continues injury-free.

Nick ran Grandma’s Marathon on June 16, his first solo 26.2  (he also ran one during Redman 140.6 last year). While it didn’t quite go as he had hoped thanks to the humidity and starting out a bit too fast, he finished in 3:32 – a fantastic time any runner would be thrilled about. I’m pretty proud of him :)

Being a spectator at Grandma’s was fantastic! Both times I’ve been in Duluth for the race was when I ran – 13.1 in 2006 and 26.2 in 2008 – so it was great to see it from the sidelines, watch the wheelchair racers + elites fly by and cheer from multiple spots along scenic Highway 61. It’s such a beautiful course and a well organized race. (I debated running 13.1, as a friend had a bib I could have used, but didn’t want to press my luck – both risking injury and wearing a bib that wasn’t mine!)

I knew quite a few people running both the half … Hyedi, Heather, Hammer… and the full… Sam, Jared, Kara, Brent, Jessica, James, Tim and Kellie. Congrats to everyone!

Here’s a quick photo recap of race day…


Jared, Nick and Sam at the start.





Go, Jared!


Lookin’ good at mile five!


Mile 19… hanging in there!


Great finish, Sam!


0.2 to go!


Recovering… he looks a bit pale. It took an hour to find him in the post-race chaos.



Is it real?


Nick and his mom, Mary.


Brad, Nick and Jared = beer drinkers, er, finishers!

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