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three things – january 2018.


It’s a new year, and along with that, I’m brushing off the blog. The perfect time to commit to writing and connecting more. I can’t tell you how much I missed that in the 2017 fog. So to start, I’m switching up my currently series to this: my three favorite things each month. 

With that, here are my January favorites… 

1 – maple cardamom almond milk lattes

One of the perks of city living: walking (or cruiser biking) to the neighborhood coffee shop. We’ve been going to ours, Angry Catfish, nearly every weekend for the same coffee – a maple cardamom almond milk latte. With a hint of maple sweetness and a slight reminder of my mom’s cardamom krumkake at Christmas, it’s so good. Also awesome: the coffee shop itself because it’s also a bike shop. Win-win.

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anatomy of a winter run in minnesnowta.

A few years ago, I made a deal with myself that I would run outside all winter as long as it was above 10F (because treadmill). A year later, I dropped my limit to 0F, and unless the wind chill is ridiculous (usually -10F…


the extra mile.

Go the extra mile… it’s never crowded.  Clearly, here in the wintry Wisconsin north woods, it’s (literally) not crowded. Just me and the meditative crunch of my footfalls in the snow… the sound of my breath. Does running get any better? (Wait… don’t answer that.) …