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my go-to green smoothie.


I’ve always had good intentions of having a green smoothie for breakfast, but when it came down to it, it was easier to just pop some sprouted bread in the toaster and slather on some sunbutter instead. Lugging the Vitamix out just felt like too much work, too. And forget an ice cold smoothie in the middle of a Minnesnowta winter! 

But then I saw Beth‘s daily green smoothie in a recent insta story, and it sounded so good and easy to make. And the perfect way to actually use an entire container of spinach from Costco! (Please tell me we’re not the only ones who can’t finish an entire container before it goes bad.) I modified her recipe a bit and voila – my daily green smoothie, and a little taste of the tropics. 

Luma loves green smoothies, too 

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race report // ironman 70.3 wisconsin

IRONMAN 70.3 Wisconsin can be summed up with Hs – heat, humidity + hills. It was also really hard… but then again, it’s supposed to be hard! And it was the perfect race to dust off the multisport cobwebs and test my fitness seven…


a day in the life // my eats

Training for an ironman has totally skewed by perception of normal portion sizes. Four ounces of chicken or an actual serving size of chips… huh?! That said, it’s nice to not really worry about counting calories, but that doesn’t mean I use training as an excuse…


race report // superior man 70.3

After Toughman’s bike disaster, I really wanted to race one more time before Kona. Mentally, I needed a confidence booster, rather than going into my A race a little shaky and, honestly, kinda questioning my abilities. So, once we found a great deal on a…


the benefits of eating beets.

As a kid, there wasn’t a vegetable I didn’t like. From asparagus to zucchini, we grew the staples in our giant garden in northwestern Minnesota. My two favorites: peas straight off the vine and carrots “washed” by rubbing the dirt off on the grass. But, I…


a day in the life… and, let’s talk time hacks.

Someone recently told me I had poor time management skills.  Um…  I almost laughed.  If attending grad school full-time while working a full-time job or training for a 140.6 triathlon while working a full-time job have taught me anything, it’s been incredible time management skills.…