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skiing into 2018 at jackson hole.


We’d just re-fueled on PB + bacon waffles at 10k feet. And after taking in the view from the top, Nick flew by me toward the descent. I was taking it slow – because it was my first time downhill skiing in six years. And just ahead was my first-ever black diamond descent. 

As I stood on the edge of what looked like a cliff, a few thoughts ran through my mind. Ohmigod this is terrifying. Why am I doing this?! Damn you, Nick, for telling me I could do this! Maybe I should trudge back up and take the tram down (and look like a wimp). No! Suck it up and (slowly) ski down! 

I chose the latter. And while not fast or very graceful, I made it to the bottom, completely elated. It was the perfect way to close the door on 2017 and set the bar for 2018 – finding my edge and living a little larger.

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