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three things thursday.


I’ve seen this quick + dirty three things Thursday on a few blogs, so thought I’d give it a shot this week. Here’s a snapshot of three things that’ve been up lately. 

1 – life with Luma

I forgot what puppy life was like – both exhausting and amazing. She has endless energy when she’s awake (hello, zoomies around the house while squeaking a kong ball), but when she crashes… out cold. She currently loves her rubber chicken and bully stick, going for walks around the block, seeing her sisters + brother at weekly puppy class, and sleeping in her crate (yep, she sleeps through the night!). She’s already been a part of our little family for three weeks, and we just love her! ♥

Lunch walks ♥

First bath… she tried to escape the entire time.

2 – the winter woes 

We’ve entered the worst part of winter: mid-January. In Minnesota, that means it’s drier than dust – havoc for my skin and hair. As much as I embrace winter, my entire body is craving a whole lot of sunshine + humidity (all the humidity please!). There will be lots of time in the sauna the next couple months. 

Dreaming of Ke’e Beach on Kauai’s north shore.

3 – re-watching Grey’s Anatomy 

I’ve been on a Grey’s Anatomy binge the last few weeks. It’s been fun to watch again from the beginning… they look like babies! (It launched in 2005, which doesn’t seem possible because that seems like yesterday.) It also reminds me of that time I went back to school to fulfill pre-reqs to apply to physical therapy school (I was waitlisted, and long story short, I moved to Minneapolis instead of reapplying the following year). Watching now… it kinda makes me want to try again – except for PA school.

kona recovery + the kauai quiet.

Kona recovery started with a jump off the end of the world.  It took me a full three minutes to gather the courage to willingly jump – it was scarier than lining up to race Kona! – but whoa… it was worth it. So exhilarating!…


creating (another) a custom phone case (+ a giveaway!).

About a month ago, Nick upgraded his iPhone 4S to a 7 – finally. He also bought a couple cases, but has been eyeing my pretty palm tree case (good thing my phone’s a 6S, otherwise I’m pretty sure he’d swap his basic black case for mine!). …