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kona 2017.


Being in Kona this year for the IRONMAN World Championship was all the emotions – from bittersweet + bummed to not be racing as I’d hoped to a little bit relieved to not be racing. But the most overwhelming emotion: incredible gratitude. I’m so damn grateful for all the opportunities this sport’s given me and for all the amazing people it’s brought into my life.

Highlights of the week included the obvious instagram-worthy things, like coffee boat swims, Queen K bike rides, Ali’i runs, and all the Basik açai bowls and Kona coffee. In between all that was the best part: time with my Coeur Sports family – from afternoons at the expo booth to early morning race day hugs. You’re the reason this sport is awesome. Thank you for elevating all of us ♥

And now back in the dark Minnesnowta winter, you can bet I’m channeling all the aloha from my week on the Big Island – and am beyond inspired and motivated for another go…!

With that, a few pics from my week in Kona. 

Argon 18 Bike + Coeur Sports photo shoot. The colors! Photo by Ian Matteson.

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kona recovery + the kauai quiet.

Kona recovery started with a jump off the end of the world.  It took me a full three minutes to gather the courage to willingly jump – it was scarier than lining up to race Kona! – but whoa… it was worth it. So exhilarating!…


race report // kona!

Where to start! It’s been a month(!) since Kona, so ample time for race reflection – both while sunning on Kauai’s incredible north shore and while back at home in the real world (of mittens and brushed running tights!). Overall, Kona didn’t disappoint. The concise race…


the week prior to kona.

Oh, that big humid hug when you step off the plane in Kona. There’s nothing quite like it. My skin loves it, my hair loves it, and I absolutely love it! I arrived in Kona a week prior to the race – for a…


six things i learned training for kona.

Whoa. Kona is here. How is that possible?! Tomorrow I *get* to race the IRONMAN World Championship – surreal is an understatement!  I arrived in Kona, solo, a week early to acclimate as much as possible and for a little quiet time – bliss…


training lately’s been…

The first week of April, my good luck elephant bracelet broke during masters. Call me superstitious, but since then… oof. Training’s been meh, I’ve been feeling meh (the flu and an ear infection)… so much meh. And, it all culminated on Monday, with an MRI… …