link-up // best + worst of racing

Linking up today with Jessie over at The Right Fits to share the best + worst of my racing history! Check out her fab blog… she’s a rock star marathoner (16 so far!), fellow MSPer and has an adorable vizsla named Matilda :) 

Best (or Worst) of My Racing History

With that, here are my best + worst…

The spectators don’t get any better than Ironman Wisconsin. Helloooooo, Tour de France style bike course! Running on State Street is pretty rad, too. 

IMWI bike

Grandma’s Marathon in 2008 crushed me. Training that spring couldn’t have gone better… temps were mild and probably in the 60s for most of my long runs. The humidity + heat arrived on race day, and by mile 18, I was toast. After barfing downtown Duluth, I walked the final few miles. It was painful (see photo below). 

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currently // 10.03.2014

Wait a minute…

Where the heck did October come from? Fall is my second favorite season (behind summer, obviously), but it also means that winter is just around the corner… and, even the hardiest Minnesotan isn’t ready for another polar vortex. Fingers crossed 30 below holds off awhile longer. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what’s been up since Ironman Wisconsin… 

Reading // A few Seattle friends of ours started a 100-day challenge on September 22, i.e. pick something to work on every single day, whether it be giving up processed sugar, doing 25 push-ups or starting a gratitude practice. In addition to me giving up sweets (see ya, Talenti sea salt caramel gelato! I oddly don’t miss it), Nick and I decided we would read for 30 minutes before bed every single night. I’ve kinda been bouncing between books, but am currently rereading Wheat Belly (it’s fascinating) and thanks to a twitter conversation this week and joining a book club, just added another 10 books to my Amazon wishlist. If anyone has any recommendations, leave me a note below!

Off-seasoning // The off-season has freed up a ridiculous amount time. It’s quite strange to come home after work and not have to hit the pool for 4,000 yards or get on my bike for 90 minutes of hard intervals (we’re even eating dinner at actual dinner time… some nights). So, what am I doing with all this newfound free time? Working on a few blog projects (so excited about them!), spending Saturday afternoons at vineyards, painting (loving the Sherwin repose grey in our bathroom!), sleeping in until 7a every day(!) and trying to dial back my appetite to normal person proportions (it’s hard).



Bike loving // I cannot get enough biking (in my super awesome Coeur shorts!), even as the days get shorter (this whole sunset at 7p thing… oof). Nick and I have managed to squeeze in a few quick rides in the hour of daylight after work, and last weekend, I soaked up as much 80-degree sunshine as I possibly could. #bikeLOVE (Sorry for the photo overload below…)

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chasing the light.

I had so much fun at Ironman Wisconsin, I just had to sign up for round two. Though I did contemplate (for about 10 seconds) not doing an IM next year. Because life. But, then I realized all this swimbikerun is a huge part of my life – it’s what I love to do – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, about 17 of my friends are racing, and there’s no way I could miss out on all the fun :) 

Chase the light, whatever and wherever it may be for you. Chase it. -Tyler Knott Gregson

Here’s to chasing the light and really big dreams…!


thank yous // ironman wisconsin

Where to start! Training for and racing an ironman is no easy task, and I’m lucky to have some wonderful people in my corner who help make it happen. I wouldn’t get to the start or finish lines without them. 

Huge thank yous to (there really are no words to convey just how grateful I am)… 

He puts up with a lot, (often) not saying a word. He didn’t even protest when I beat him on the swim at IMWI (except he slapped my arse, hard, when he caught me at bike mile three!)! Having an in-house bike mechanic is pretty awesome, but the best: Having someone believe in you through every trainer workout when you didn’t think your legs could pedal one more revolution, every OMG-I-can’t-breathe swim set, every 5a alarm to go run… through everything. My partner in (triathlon) crime; life is better with him in it.


They’re there through everything, supporting and believing me every single step of the way. I’m a lucky girl to call them family. Thank you, Mom, Dad, Ami, Cory and Finley! If I could pick my family, I’d pick you :)



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lululemon run: twin k 15k in photos.

Two weeks out from Ironman Wisconsin, recovery mode is still in full force. Though there’s been some easy swimming and biking as well as a welcomed return to my yoga mat, there’s been zero running – and, won’t be for at least another two weeks. So, I was a little bummed to not pace the 8:30 group at last Saturday’s lululemon run: twin k 15k, but instead did the next best thing: volunteered at the finish line, one of the best places at a race.

It was a perfect September morning along Summit Avenue in Saint Paul… crisp and sunny with a hint of color change in the trees. Nick and I met up with some friends who were running (thanks for pacing, Sonia and Nick! And, hi, Julia, Jess and Amanda!), and I finally met a few twitter friends (hi, Anne, Megan and Nick!). Ami and Finley joined the fun, too, for Finley’s first official race. #futureironwoman :) 

In true lululemon fashion, the music was pumping and luon covered the course (the next SeaWheeze?). Race highlights: a drone, bacon station, dunk tank, mannequin high-fives and pint glass finishers “medals.” 

Check out the pics Nick took while biking along the course!



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