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    4 In life

    week 6 positive: eyebrow microblading.

    Genetics are pretty powerful. So is over-plucking. Combine them, and you have my lack of eyebrows. And for as long as I can remember I’ve had to pencil them in. They’ve been all shapes and sizes – from thin to lopsided to dramatically arched to too close together. But the worst part of having sparse brows: The stress and time it takes to pencil them in every morning and worrying if they’re still on throughout the day. (My lack of brows were even the reason I didn’t start triathlon sooner, too… pretty lame, right?)

    Week 6 positive: eyebrow microblading

    So, last week I finally decided enough was enough. I had my brows microbladed. And because it’s a semi-permanent tattoo (on my face…!), it means no more Covergirl or Sephora pencils. More importantly, it means waking up with brows and feeling like a normal human. Goodbye, self-consciousness! 

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