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    currently // april 2016

    Here’s what’s been up in April… along with longer + brighter days, the light fog that’s hung around me for a big chunk of the past couple years has started to lift, finally. 

    Excited about

    Representing HOKA ONE ONE as a flyer ambassador! In 2014, coming off a stress fracture and on coach’s recommendation, I (reluctantly) bought my first pair of Hokas. I thought they looked ridiculous and a bit too moon boot-y, but then I ran in them – and, have been running in them ever since. Nine pairs of Cliftons (and one pair of Conquests) later, I’m pumped to be representing a shoe I love that’s changed my running and allowed me to run some crazy mileage injury-free!



    Tart cherry concentrate. I cannot get enough of this, you guys. I can’t remember who told me about tart cherry juice (my go-to is Stanton Orchards), but I finally picked some up at the co-op a few weeks ago, and it’s now one of my daily drinks (along with kombucha, tea and a morning cup of Bialetti coffee). Mixed with Vintage pink grapefruit sparkling water, it’s the perfect treat before bed, as cherry juice contains melatonin. Other health benefits: high antioxidant + anthocyanin (an anti-inflammatory) levels and high oxygen radical absorption capacity. Yes, please to all of that! 

    FundAminos. Protein powders and I haven’t really been getting along lately (because there’s whey and/or stevia in nearly every single one), so after I started working with the awesome folks at pure clean powder a bit more in depth, I gave the Core4Nutrition FundAminos a try. It contains all eight essential amino acids “the body needs to support and strengthen its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic and hormonal systems” and is three times more effective than protein powder. Bonus: It doesn’t bother my GI, and it tastes great!

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