running thoughts vol. 1.


It’s weird when your weekends don’t revolve around a Sunday long ride. And it’s even weirder (and harder?!) when your husband’s out riding centuries every Sunday as he preps for IRONMAN Louisville (his first full since 2015!). The quiet after he leaves the house: it’s almost too quiet. The time that’s back in my weekends: I almost don’t know what to do with it all. When Sunday long rides have been your regular routine since 2013 and you’re suddenly not doing them, not gonna lie: there’s a fair amount of fomo.

But that said, adjusting to a new normal takes time. Just as I remind myself that I get to swimbikerun during IM training, I’m reminding myself during marathon training that I get to run all the miles (and pet all the vizslas – because I always stop for the vizslas). It’s just different – and that’s ok.

hot pink HOKAs, finally!

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training this year (and what i’m racing!).

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and probably even longer since I’ve written anything about training. There honestly hasn’t been much to share – but that could just be my perspective! When swimbikerun is your lifestyle, you don’t necessarily think it’s exciting and…


6 favorite things in june 2019.

Most of my favorite things in month were from our elopement to Hawaii (more details on our entire trip soon!). Because triathlon’s pretty much taken all of my money the past few years, I really haven’t bought a whole lot of non-tri stuff. Sure,…


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You know what’s hard? Being in Hawaii for a week and not telling anyone. You know what’s even harder? Planning a wedding in Hawaii and also not telling anyone.  But that’s what we did! We eloped to Kauai and married May 30 ♥ photos by Kahahawai…


6 favorite things in april 2019.

We’ve been lucky enough to visit both coasts this past month (west coast is still the best coast, duh), so April’s favorites center around a few things that help me sleep a little better in an unfamiliar place. They really helped, too, because during…


california dreaming.

Winter in Minnesota this year was especially cold, dark and dreary, but I didn’t realize just how much it affected me until Nick and I landed in sunny SoCal last month. As soon as we left the Orange County airport, we made a beeline…


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I love a good favorites list. Anyone else? I’ve shared a couple of these in the past, but never continued them because writing took a back seat to life. But I miss writing lately and hope to post more regularly – and not just…


how to get through a winter cold snap.

Raise your hand if you’re jealous of the Arctic temps here in Minnesota. Anyone? Bueller?  Didn’t think so.  It’s not supposed to get above 0F this week (OMFG the high today is -13F, and it’s currently -29F with a -49F windchill), so please remind…