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    2 In life/ triathlon

    week 10: SBT extreme suspension.

    Week 10 positive: SBT suspension

    Before I was a triathlete, I was a CrossFitter. My fitness revolved around kipping pull-ups, WODs and increasing my one-rep max. After a couple years of torn blisters on my palms and not being able to fit in my skinny jeans, I gratefully found my way back to my bike, and eventually, triathlon.

    Since then, though, strength training’s kinda fell by the wayside. Until now. 

    This year one of our Coeur Sports team sponsors is SBT Extreme, a suspension exercise system. The company’s educators, Moni + Felix, were recently in Minneapolis, and lucky me (and Nick), spent some time with them learning how to use the system. 

    No surprise: it’s hard. And, I’m not flexible (you want me to touch my toes?!). And, I’m kinda wimpy (gone are my 210-pound deadlift days!). But, we learned a bunch of new exercises and why SBT is so awesome – it’s made up of two independent straps that attach via carabiners to a central point, eliminating the one strap seesaw motion of other systems. Also awesome: it’s portable and can be used just about anywhere. 

    Here’s to getting stronger and more flexible!