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IMCdA // here we go!

After a fantastic 1,300-mile road trip across North Dakota, Montana and Idaho with my good friend, Sonia – including a visit at my aunt + uncle’s in western NoDak and a stay at the Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana – we are here. Coeur d’Alene is absolutely spectacular! I cannot believe I get to race in such beauty. 


Bikes are packed and ready to go (including the road bike for Big Sky!)!


Quiet beauty of western North Dakota.


Running is rad in Montana (especially after 8+ hours in the car!).


115F of pure hot springs bliss. 

After a quick check-in Friday afternoon, Sonia, Nick and I went for a quick dip in Lake CdA… wow! It’s so clear – you can see the bottom – and unseasonably warm (69F!), which means no wetsuit needed (though I’m thankful tomorrow is wetsuit legal). 




And, now, in between hydrating like a champ and bossing around my sherpas (ha!), it’s about staying out of the sun (106F forecast!), feet up and mentally preparing for and visualizing tomorrow. I’m ready to rock and couldn’t be more excited for IM number three! 

I’m bib 384. Track me via or the IronTrac app :) 

Here we GO! 


Run away from doubt. Chase your goal. (Chasing it hard!)


race report

race report // liberty 70.3

Time to dust off the cobwebs three weeks out from Ironman Coeur d’Alene!


We were welcomed by mosquitoes just after sunrise at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve near Rockford. After a quick check-in and packet pick-up, Nick and I racked our bikes near bike in/out and chatted with friends Sarah, Sonia, Kyle, Julia and Jen. A quick shake-out ride to work out the wheel kinks – and a quick visit to the Gear West mechanic tent for a limit screw adjustment (new Zipps! fixed in a jiffy!) – and we were ready to rock. 


Swim // 34:42, 1:40/100 yd

I originally lined up on the far left of the swim start, but seconds before the start ran to the right – and, into the thick of all the fast men. Not sure what I was thinking because the gun sounded, and it was mass chaos of men running and dolphin diving. A bit of water in my goggles later, and I was full speed ahead, trying to find a clean line. I felt a bit all over the place the entire 1.2 miles, and at about the half point, stopped to hack up a lung (allergies?) and nearly gagged. After that it was head down, repeating you’re ok and just keep swimming to stay calm. I exited the water, feeling meh about my swim, and as I ran up the steps to T1 saw coach, who said I was fourth female at 33 minutes – much faster than it felt. I’m working at pushing myself to get more uncomfortable in the water… it just doesn’t come as naturally to me as the bike and run! #workinprogress 

Gear: Coeur Sports team kit shorts, Castelli T1: stealth top, lululemon all sport bra, ROKA Sports maverick pro wetsuit and ROKA Sports X1 goggles in light vermillion (perfect for overcast conditions). 

Nutrition: salted caramel Gu about 20 minutes before go. 

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tuning up with orthology.

Knock on wood, but my CdA training cycle has been smooth sailing (except for my first-ever saddle sore… ouchie). So, when the folks at Orthology asked if I’d be interested in a complimentary tune-up, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d have done. But, curious about its services, of course I said yes. 

So, what is  Orthology? 

Orthology is a clinic in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area that features collaborative care teams – physical therapists, chiropractors and soft tissue specialists – to help its patients recover quickly from chronic pain or injury. Providers work together to develop each patient a customized and comprehensive plan that addresses not just any aches and pains, but the root causes of them. Plans focus on mobility, flexibility, stability and agility. 

Orthology’s goal is to get you better, faster. 


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a few running lessons.

This past Sunday night, a double rainbow capped off the day’s double run and three weeks of run overload. Fitting, right?!

Never have I ran this much – 156 miles in those three weeks – not even while training for my first (and only) open marathon. And, while it’s been challenging physically, it’s been even more so mentally. Through the runs along the same suburban route nearly daily (because it’s safe and well lit). Through runs at the same pace (slow is the new fast). Through speed work in a torrential downpour in the dark (you’re ok on repeat got me through). Through long runs on river road with friends (Sunday mornings don’t get much better).


All that running has taught me a few things…

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ironman coeur d’alene training update.

Here we are… exactly two months out from Ironman Coeur d’Alene. 

How did that happen?!

I’ve been so in the zone lately that I barely noticed it’s suddenly almost May. The theme of the last month: operation autopilot. Between the new job fog and adjusting to a new (somewhat hellish) commute, it’s been go-go-go and training whenever I can. Which means that there’s been little free time and far too many nights of finishing a run at 9:30p, followed by a quick stop at Chipotle for a salad with barbacoa, white rice and guac (and chips, obviously). Far from ideal, I know.

But, that said, training is going well. It’s been consistent (all the green boxes!) and incredibly intense and focused… focused on each interval, each session, how my body feels, getting more sleep (more here and here), squeezing in functional strength + stretching sessions, and most importantly, enjoying it, no matter what time I hop off the trainer or get home from running.

At a work event last week, I had the privilege of hearing John Jacobs, co-founder of Life is good, speak. Inspiring start-up story aside, there was one key takeaway from his talk: living by a “get to” optimistic attitude (versus a “have to” attitude). That one little word is powerful. Think about it. If you frame your training (or anything in life for that matter) as something you get to do, you’re more likely to enjoy it. When you have to do something… well, how is having to do anything fun?!

I get to swimbikerun my heart out, and that, my friends, is pretty awesome. #heartFULLofgratitude

With that, here’s a quick training update…


Nothing too exciting in the pool… just lots of paddle work and intervals. My new favorite suit: Lo Swim’s training bikini. It stays put, even while pushing off the wall. And, it’s neon, and we all know that I love anything neon. I’ve seen also some sneak peeks of the new Coeur Sports training two-piece, and it looks fab, so you can bet I’ll be all over that once they’re launched. And, goggles… if you haven’t checked out ROKA’s new goggles, get on it. Although they’re a bit bug-ish, I’m a BIG fan of the X1s (light vermillion is great in the pool). No leaks and no crazy goggles lines! 



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