coffee catch-up – fall 2018


I’m still drinking (too many) oat lattes, but you know what? I’ve decided that if good coffee a few days a week makes me happy, then why would I stop? The only difference: I started bringing my reusable mug. That may not change the world on its own, but if we’re all more aware of the collective impact our daily actions have – that can add up to something BIG.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying a good cuppa coffee or tea or kombucha and having a lovely fall (or winter because at feels like 0F, it certainly feels like winter in Minneapolis). Here’s what’s been up the past couple months.

Choosing better

Along the reusable mug lines, I’m a big believer in quality over quantity (something that can be applied in all areas, including training!). So I’ve been choosing better products – for our home, my skin, what I wear. It usually means paying more, but it also means you probably won’t have to replace it nearly as soon (or maybe ever?!). A few examples:

  • saying no to fast fashion or not shopping at all (I instead make lists and then wait awhile to see if I really *need* it) 
  • supporting small and/or women-owned businesses
  • shopping local
  • better beauty (currently obsessed with beautycounter)
  • cleaner home products

And while I haven’t entirely given up places like Target and Costco and occasionally Amazon – because let’s be realistic: sometimes you just need convenience and toilet paper – being a more conscious consumer is so important.  

Oh, and an update on real deodorant from my last post. I tried Native and loved it – until my underarms broke out. Such a bummer because it smells and works great, but apparently, my skin doesn’t like baking soda. So I’m still using Kopari and picked up some Megababe rosy pits, which I’ve really liked.

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