anatomy of a winter run in minnesnowta.

A few years ago, I made a deal with myself that I would run outside all winter as long as it was above 10F (because treadmill). A year later, I dropped my limit to 0F, and unless the wind chill is ridiculous (usually -10F or colder), I bundle up and head out. Because as much as I prefer sports bra, speed shorts and trucker hat running weather, there’s something so invigorating about running outside when there’s snow on the ground – except for maybe the thawing process when your skin tingles as it warms up!


That said, we recently got a (free!) treadmill, which will be a great addition to our tri room when we (finally) swap out the 15 amp outlet for a 20 amp. It would have come in quite handy recently when wind chills plummeted to sub -30F. 

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love list // january 2016

Introducing a new monthly series – my love list. At the end of each month, I’ll highlight a few of my current favorite products… beauty, home, productivity tools, food… anything that brings me joy or makes life better ♥



Spark notebook

I’m a sucker for a paper planner. There’s just something about writing down my to-dos and organizing my life on paper… it keeps me grounded and connected. So, when I heard about the spark notebook during Sonja’s recent RTTC Challenge, I knew I had to have one. A little bit different format that my former planner (the Graphic Image weekly), but I’m loving the monthly goal pages and weekly journaling questions as well as the weekly reminders to check in with my monthly and yearly goals on the previous pages (because who else forgets to do that?!). The notebook is available for preorder for March delivery, so get yours now! 

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currently // january 2016

Here’s what’s been up this first month of 2016…  

Listening to

Sound Probiotics on Endurance Planet. I’d been saving this episode for weeks until I had a block of uninterrupted time to listen – perfect for last week’s long run on the ‘mill. Sound founder Dr. Mark Stephany dives into to role of probiotics on gut health and, in turn, the impact both have on an endurance athlete and his/her immune system and athletic performance. A must-listen, folks. And, for more info on probiotics, check out Sound’s eBook. Side note: I’ve been taking Sound for a year and (knock on wood) haven’t been sick once. Hit me up if you need a discount code :) 

Featured in

My hometown newspaper! The editor recently reached out, so I knew there’d be an article soon, but certainly wasn’t expecting it to be front-page news. While I don’t find my journey particularly inspiring – because I’m just doing something I love – if it inspires one person to make a lifestyle change, to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, then that’s awesome. My advice: find and do an activity that brings you joy and is FUN, whether that’s Jazzercise, triathlon, running marathons, rock climbing, yoga, walking! Because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point?! Life’s too short.

Read the full newspaper article here. Thanks for featuring me, Enterprise! 


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ironman world championship, triathlon

training lately.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.

The new year is in full swing, and along with it, training. BIG goals this year, and I couldn’t be happier to be already plugging along toward them. Nothing crazy (yet), but instead that steady rhythm, that hum that sets the pace for the day and for the week. 

Before I dive into training lately, here’s a quick look back at 2015 (tallied from the elaborate training spreadsheet Nick created): 

Swim: 400,820 yards
Bike: 4,478 miles
Run: 1,389 miles 
Total (including yoga + strength): 611 hours

Six hundred eleven hours. What does that even mean?! Broken down that’s 25.5 days of swimbikerun in 2015. Whoa. Looking at it that way really brings it into focus – and, sounds a little daunting. But, like any big task – whether it’s training for an ironman or remodeling your house – breaking it down into pieces keeps it manageable. Focus on one interval, one workout, one day at a time, and boom… it adds up into something bigger. They say 10,000 hours is the magic mastery number… looks like I have a ways to go… :) 


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goals, life

my 2016 intention.

Ah, 2015. You were a pretty good year. A happier gig, two ironman races, a Kona qualifier(!), a road trip west with one of my best gal pals, a vacation in the mountains with my main man, an incredible Hawaiian adventure, three trips home-home, more fun times and laughter than I can count with my sis and niece. 

And, the lessons learned. Two of the biggest: that I’m capable of more than I thought I was – thanks, IMCdA! – and that’s it’s ok to say no (because it opens up the yes doors). 

As I look forward to this year – a blank page I *get* to write – I couldn’t be more excited. This year’s about showing up… about living big and bold and giving my best in everything I do. 

With that, my 2016 intention… 


This year is all about stretching. Stretching myself outside of familiar routines and my comfort zone, whether that’s in the pool (hello, hypoxic sets!) or pushing myself to speak up when I’d rather quietly sit back. Stretching myself to embrace more white space, to stay present, rather than reaching for my iPhone to fill it. Stretching myself to be more mindful and intentional about where my time and energy go. Stretching myself to reach for other big non-triathlon related goals… because I really need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I’m getting closer!). Stretching myself to say no to make way for really big yeses. Stretching myself to create more – to be more vulnerable, to show up – when it’s often easier and more comfortable to continue status quo. And, obviously, stretching in the literal sense, too (because we triathletes could benefit, right?!). 

With that, here we go… jumping full force and all in to 2016!

Have a wonderful and intentional year, friends.


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