Today marks the start of my 35th trip around the sun. This is what will guide me. 

she believed

image via rabbit food for my bunny teeth.

pay attention.

Three-hundred yogis practicing mat to mat, breath to breath. Vinyasa doesn’t get much better… well, except maybe when it’s in a historic Summit Avenue mansion. 

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The theme of candlelight + cocoa yoga at the James J. Hill house: give presence.

Give presence on your yoga mat. Close your eyes. Feel it supporting you.

Give presence to your loved ones. Look them in the eye, free of distractions, while talking. Because connection. 

Give presence on the road. Put your phone down for god’s sake and actually see the road

Give presence to your life. It’s happening right here, right now. 


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On Saturday morning, Nick, Sonia and I laced up to run hour 21 of the #24HourRelayForAaron

For 24 hours, runners and non-runners alike rounded Hamline’s indoor track – 174.72 miles total! – in memory of Aaron Purmort, who recently passed away from “complications from a radioactive spider bite,” aka, cancer. A talking Spider-Man kept everyone company for all 1,922 laps. Kudos to Steve in a Speedo for organizing such a wonderful event! (See his recap here.) 

I never met Aaron, but his story – gracefully told by his wife Nora on her blog, My Husband’s Tumor – deeply touched my heart, along with everyone else’s. Tragic and unfair for sure, but it’s also an important reminder that life is incredible short and fragile, so live big + boldly and love fiercely + with abandon.

To help out Nora and son Ralphie, visit here.




soul searching.

I can clearly remember my first journal… it was pink (obviously) with a lock on the side, keeping my fifth-grade secrets safe inside. I poured my heart out in there and continued to journal on and off through high school (boys! drama! shenanigans!) and later through college and my 20s (oh, the heartache of young love). And, though I’d be mortified if anyone ever read them – I’m not sure even I could read them without blushing – I wouldn’t un-write a single word. Those pages hold my story. 

Those journals also helped me through some tough times. It’s therapeutic to put pen to paper, writing as frantically as the mind races.

Lately, my mind’s been racing a lot… one crazy thought swirling into the next… what if… and then… no… omg… oh, ok… yep… that’s ok… you’re ok. So, after a long hiatus, I picked up a new journal and started scribbling, doing some serious soul searching, trying to sort it all out, that third life crisis, before it completely breaks me. 

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currently // 12.05.2014

Reading + thinking about // My Husband’s Tumor. If you read one thing today, this is it (but, be prepared to end up reading her entire blog… have tissues handy, too; you will need them). Their story, gracefully told by Nora, is a sharp reminder that life is far too short… so, live big + boldly, have fun and love hard every single day. #RIPBigPurm

One of my favorite excerpts: 

I’ve learned, from Aaron and my father’s death and my mother’s graceful entrance into widowhood, that this is what being an adult is: doing everything before you are ready. There is no syllabus for life that helps your graduate to the next event. It is happening all around you, all the time. This life itself is the lesson and the test and there is no honor roll, just the sum of your relationships and actions and how you feel when you lay down to go to sleep at night.

Started // a sweet sweat life facebook page! Follow me over there for more good stuff on swim bike run yoga life love :)

Training // It’s amazing how quickly your body responds when you start regimented training again. I’m definitely nowhere near where I was in August, obviously, but I’m feeling good about what’s in store for 2015. Coach had me start using paddles in the pool, and after some trial and error, they finally don’t fly off every other stroke. Bonus: they make me feel really fast. Running… I’m up to a whopping 30 slooooow minutes. And, despite living in the tundra where temps rarely creep above 20ºF for four months, I’ve resolved to run outside. Because there’s no such thing as too cold if you’re dressed properly (and, that includes getting over the dorkiness factor of shorts over running tights to keep the bum warm). As for cycling… funny how 10 watts can make all the difference in the near-puke factor. Definitely being pushed outside my comfort zone. I like love it. 

This may be the raddest way to count laps… 




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