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explore // frozen minnehaha falls

If you don’t live in Minneapolis / Saint Paul, you most likely think it’s freezing nine months of the year and that we all talk like Marge Gunderson from Fargo. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! It gets cold, yes – remember last winter’s 50 days below zero?! – and there are some don’tcha knows, but overall, it’s a progressive and beautiful state… a hidden gem! 

In this occasional series, explore, I’ll show you around where I live, work, play and swimbikerun. First up: frozen Minnehaha Falls

The falls are smack in the middle of Minneapolis along Minnehaha Creek (one of my favorite places to run; it doesn’t feel like you’re in the city). They were in full-force roar this past summer, which made for a really cool ice formation this winter. We – along with what seemed like half the city – visited this past Sunday, a beautiful sunny winter day with temps in the low 40s. After trespassing walking down super slick steps (these are awesome for running when not covered in ice!), Nick and I climbed up ice and mud so we could walk behind the frozen falls. Even in my Sorels the terrain was a bit treacherous, and I nearly slid to the bottom several times. But, well worth it… behind the falls, a quiet trickle of water above, was a brilliant blue ice wall. It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of Minnesota’s largest city!

All photos by Nick :) 

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2015 intentions.

If I had to pick one word to wrap up 2014, it would be stuck. Don’t get me wrong; there were some really great things about last year… my niece (because she reminds me to be joyful and appreciate the little wonders), my family, Nick, both my offline and online friendships, a fantastic triathlon season, a whole lotta bike love. But, behind so much of that – behind the pretty instagram pics – was this dark cloud of stagnation, second guessing and soul searching

It was hard.

But, that’s life, and it’s characterized by how you react to what happens to you – and, I should have reacted differently. Hindsight is 20/20, eh? 

Not all’s lost, however, as 2014 taught me a lot… most importantly, that life is far too short to spend your days doing something that doesn’t light you up. Sometimes it is ok to quit.

With that, in 2015, there will be more doing and less talking, all guided by my intentions.

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currently // 01.09.2015

Feeling // sick (er, well, I was). Nothing like norovirus to get you to race weight during the holidays. Jeez. But, how lucky am I? Nick brought home my favorite, Juice So Good, and picked up pho for dinner. He’s a keeper. 


Reading // so many books, so little time! Surely I’m not the only one who is reading at least five books at once?! They include The Well-Built Triathlete, Daring Greatly, The Champion’s Mind, The Invention of Wings (for book club), Life as a Daymaker. Other recent recommended reads: Brain on Fire, Unbroken, The Boys in the Boat. 

I’ve talked a lot about time (here and here), so this particular line from a recent Lauren Fleshman blog post resonated.

Time fixes nothing. Time is a facilitator but you still have to do the fixing; Dig into the difficult conversations; Look hard at yourself in the mirror and ask if you’re doing everything you can do to get healthy. If you aren’t currently living the life you want, there is no other way to get there. Time won’t make it happen. So you can either adjust the goal, or give yourself a swift kick in the ass. Those are your only two options unless you enjoy the feeling of eternal tug of war.

Proudly representing // team Coeur! I am ecstatic to be representing Coeur Sports for a second season! Seamless chamois aside – though that is the best thing ever to happen to tri shorts – I love this company because of what they stand for: positivity, empowerment, strength, kindness and just plain ol’ fun. Honored to be part of this rad group of women.

2015 team artwork

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race report, triathlon

race report // life time indoor tri

I wouldn’t exactly call Sunday’s Life Time indoor tri a race, but it was fun to dust off the transition cobwebs and start the year with some swimbikerun. 

But, first… haaa-uge shout-out to Coeur Sports teammate Amy Gluck. More than two years after a devastating bike accident (she was hit by a negligent truck driver), she returned to triathlon, participating in the Life Time indoor tri in Commerce Township, Michigan. Amy is the absolute epitome of heart and courage, and I am so proud and honored to call her my teammate ♥

The nitty gritty of the Indoor Triathlon Hour powered by Life Time Tri and Ironman: a 10-minute pool swim (duh… it was -2ºF here), 30-minute bike and 20-minute run, all for distance.

I swam at somewhat uncomfortable pace and finished about 5m from 600m total, not bad coming off a few days of being sick and swimming once the past 10 days. Nick and I shared a lane, and though he took an early lead, I dusted him by about 25m (ha!). 

LTF swim

The bike… eh. Spin bikes aren’t my favorite, and I don’t have SPDs (Hokas are good bike shoes, right?!), but still managed nine miles, which was oddly tougher than intervals on my trainer. My glutes were burning by the end thanks to the ill-fit bike (the saddle should have been higher, but I didn’t want to get off once I started pedaling). 

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2014 in pictures.

A look back at 2014 in photos… more yearend reflections to come :) 


My 2014 intentions: focus, believe, and keep going + do the work.



Keeping it real and a road trip to the Lake Superior ice caves.

keeping it real



On getting better and returning to running after my stress fracture.




100 happy days (first run outside in months), saying goodbye to our Saint Paul place, and an outdoor ride with Sonia and Johnny (before ice out!). 




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